HipDriver is the new advanced community based platform for drivers who want to improve their driving, receive great insurance discounts and to become a Data Secured Driver™.

As a HipDriver user you will be able to monitor your driving style and the status of your car via your phone, tablet or PC/Mac. You will have access to your cars diagnostics, tips and advice and ongoing feedback which will make you a better and safer driver.

What you can get as a HipDriver user?

Personal Driver Scorecard

HipDriver will give you a real time score that will provide you with a unique insight into how you are actually driving.

Your personnel driver scorecard will show you how you have been driving by providing you with information such as your speed, acceleration, braking and fuel consumption.
It will also give you details about the routes you take and the time of day you drive so you can assess the risk and improve your safety.

Keep track of your scorecard online or via the HipDriver app.

Personal Driver Insurance™

HipDriver puts the cost of your insurance premiums into your own hands.

Welcome to Personal Driver Insurance™. PDI is the brand new motor insurance policy created by HipDriver to allow you the freedom of choice.

HipDriver’s Personal Driver Insurance™ will insure everyone who has a driving licence up to 100,000 euros even if you don´t already have a car insurance policy because you don´t own a vehicle.

This will allow anyone with a driving licence to drive any car.

Data Secured Driver™

Introducing the brand new way to manage your personal data.

To us it is essential that your privacy is protected, so we have created the Data Secured Driver™ scheme which is unique within the industry as it gives you control over your own personal data.

You own the data. You decide who receives your data, not anyone else.

Vehicle Diagnostics

You can stop guessing what’s happening under the bonnet.

With HipDriver, you will know everything you need to know about the status of your car.

Whether it’s when your next service is due or how much fuel is in the tank, you will always have relevant and up to date information on the health of your vehicle.

Maintenance and Services

Flat batteries and missed vehicle services/MOTs are a thing of the past. With HipDriver you will be kept informed and up to date by your selected provider as to when your MOT is due and if there are any problems with your car.

Trip Logs

You will receive detailed analysis on individual trips including a breakdown on distance driven, weather, costs, routes as well as advice on how to become a better driver.

Alerts and Advice

Receive practical advice from our experts on improving your driving. HipDriver will be able to help you get more mileage out of your car and on becoming a safer driver.


Here you will find fantastic offers which are offered by our partners and are tailored to your needs and driving style.



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